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Woodinville's Version of Extreme House Project Makeover

Big hometown rally at the Babcock place -Woodinville

The local feel-good story from 2009 feels even better in ’10.

Amidst the persistent rat-a-tat-tat of hammers by professionals up above, the true spirit of goodness filled the air at Annie Babcock’s almost-renovated home on Saturday in Woodinville. Upwards of 100 community volunteers gathered for a roofing party, though the majority patrolled the grounds to remove rocks and debris as the skill-guys worked on the roof as Ms. Babcock, 83, moved to and fro on terra firma to greet well-wishers, feed the masses with pizza and sweets and answered myriad questions about what might go where in her once and future home. The altruism was dizzying.

Much has progressed at the Babcock house since the home makeover, spearheaded by family friend Jason Burt and former Woodinville Police Chief John McSwain, began nine months ago — and it’s a glowing testament to community volunteerism.

"Since last May we had an electrician call us to ask what he could do," McSwain said.

"He came out and through donations installed brand new electrical service. We then asked Puget Sound Energy to hook the power back up, which they did. So we now have power and some lights on the property."

Volunteer plumbers also rigged up running water, he said. Yet the gaping holes in the roof were a big problem.

"It became obvious that we couldn’t do any real construction inside until the roof was fixed — it was leaking everywhere," he said.

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