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The Following are before and after photos from previous projects. Click on any of the pictures to open up the series of images for a specific project.

The Following are before and after photos from previous projects. Click on any of the pictures to open up the series of images for a specific project.


“We did a bathroom project in 2 parts. First we installed Mexican tile surrounding our tub/shower, then about a year later we installed new sinks and surrounding tile for the vanity. We selected the tile ourselves.

In both cases the finished product was quite impressive. Emanuel owns the business and supervises the installation. He works with his brothers and all of them have an eye for attractive placement of tile. When we ran out of tile we had bought in Arizona, they helped us with addition and arrangement of other complimentary pieces. They were all pleasant and focused upon getting the best result possible. I would definitely use them again.”

Seattle, WA

Carol • Happy Home Owner

“I have $10,000 invested in beautiful granite kitchen counter tops made up of twelve inch tiles with grout sealing between the tiles. After fifteen years, the grout in the heavy food preparation areas of the kitchen was deteriorating. This job is not trivial, and while I can do most of these kinds of projects myself, doing it incorrectly would potentially ruin $10,000 counter tops. My wife and I thought better and began looking for a company who specializes in this kind of work. After searching, I found UniGrout, owned by Emanuel Burcheci. After getting bids and speaking with others they have done work for, we selected UniGrout to remove all the old grout from between the granite tiles and to regrout with a matching color to the granite. We also had a side project – that being a shower that needed re-calking.

Emanuel and his team were PRO’s in several ways. First, their prep work was impeccable. A kitchen re-grout project this size takes most of a day, so I got to know Emanuel fairly well as I watch over the project. Emanuel is someone who I came to trust – the kind of contractor who is professional, courteous, and was conscious of keeping our home as neat as possible during the project. Many contractors bid a job and then try to up sale you due to glitches they find, but that was not the case with Emanuel. Emanuel’s word is his bond. While he found some issues with our old grout, he honored the price he bid. In the past other contractors have bid one price and then tried to bill me a higher price. Emanuel does not operate that way. He is trustworthy and dependable, two traits that are critical when hiring you bring contractors into your home. In the end we were extremely pleased with the work UniGrout completed. The UniGrout team did a beautiful job on our granite kitchen counters AND did a great job re-calking our shower. After this positive experience we highly recommend UniGrout for both grout and calking jobs.”

Bellevue, WA


“This is our second experience with UniGrout. One month ago, we had UniGrout completely re-grout our kitchen counters and we were very happy with that project. A month passed and our range/oven failed and we learned we needed to replace it as fixing the old range was too costly. After a great deal of searching the vendors/products for a new range/oven, we selected a brand. When the appliance store delivered our range oven we learned the contractor who did our kitchen remodel 15 years earlier, made the kitchen granite counter opening smaller than the 30 inch standard opening now required for today’s standard slide in range/ovens. To our total dismay, we learned we would have to cut our granite counters to get the new range to fit. Now, my old range is out and the new range does not fit the old opening. ARGH! Cutting granite is not trivial – even to fairly adept do-it-yourself homeowners….but this was not a job this homeowner wanted to screw up his granite counters. One slip of the diamond tipped blade and your granite counters are ruined. So, once again, we needed someone to come in quickly and cut granite. We had such a positive experience with UniGrout a month ago when they completely regrouted our kitchen counters, I called them again asking them for advice.

YIKES….as I stated earlier, the thought of cutting my beautiful granite counter tops to fit this new range was a daunting task, I needed someone I could trust to do this job right. It required working in a tight space and specialized tools…and a craftsman who could cut my granite counters perfectly straight. Emanuel had won my trust with the last grouting job, but wondered if Unigrout could also cut granite. Emanuel, UniGrouts owner took my call and assured me they could do a professional cut – enabling our new range to fit. The UniGrout team responded the next day, made the critical cuts and once again, we are very pleased with the work UniGrout completed. Cutting granite is a very messy job. The UniGrout team prepped the kitchen to minimize the granite dust going everywhere and they cleaned up the project when they were done. Once again, we can recommend UniGrout without hesitation. Signed….One Relieved Homeowner”

Bellevue, WA


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